Serbian Dental Journal • October 2015
Immediate loading of dental implants using intraoral welding technique – case report
Dr Kristian Gerga Center of cosmetic dentistry Dr Gerga Banatsko Novo Selo – Digital Dentistry Society Memeber

Patients demands on immediate functional and esthetical dental rehabilitation has resulted in development of immediate implant placement and immediate loading.
Immediate implant loading is loading with temporary or permanent dental restorations which generate mild occlusal contacts with the antagonist, and are set on the implants immediately or up to 48 hours after the surgical procedure.
The aim of this article is to present a clinical case of immediate implants loading using the technique of intraoral welding.

The patient age 63 came to our clinic with pain and swelling in his upper jaw. Clinical examination shows the presence of old metal ceramic crowns with improper marginal sealing, root caries lesions, chronically inflamed gingiva, periodontal pockets, all teeth loose.
Performed analysis of 3D and OPT indicated extraction of remaining teeth.
Patient wanted fixed prosthetic restoration.
Treatment plan was: 6 implants in upper and 6 in lower jaw, intraoral welding and immediate loading.

EL implant system (C-Tech, Italy) we used in this case was able to meet most of our demands thanks to its design and prosthetic solutions.

C-Tech Dental Implants

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